I have mentored over 30 undergraduate research students since I joined Ashland University in 1999.  Much of our work has been funded by the National Eye Institute since 2001, with further support from the University.  My research students head off to diverse careers, as you can see below, and have the chance to present their work here at Ashland and at regional and national meetings.

Carrie LaCava ’07

Veterinary College, The Ohio State University

Josh Allman ’14

Applying to pharmacy programs

Zach Haley ’13

Dental School, Case Western Reserve University

Jackie Skiba ’10

Quality Control Technician, Smuckers Corporation

Kelly Margot ’02

PhD in Marine Biotechnology, Medical University of South Carolina

Phillip Wages ’11

PhD program in Toxicology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Neeley Myers ’09

MS Public Health, Kent State University

Jason Dahlman ’03

PhD in Integrated Bioscience, The Ohio State University

Postdoctoral Fellow, National Institutes of Health

Licensing Manager, The Ohio State University

Michelle Stark ’09

Veterinary School, University of Missouri

Kerri Barnes ’07

Lab Technician, WIL Research Laboratories

Mike Danko ’04

MD, The Ohio State University

Becky Richards ’04

MD/PhD, Oregon Health and Science University

Resident, Seattle Children’s Hospital

Amy Drossman ’11

Illinois College of Optometry

Ben Pearce ’14 – Microbiologist, 50 West Brewing Company

Baley Bernthisel ’14 – Chiropractic College, Life University

Mary Brown ’13 – Research Fellow, National Institutes of Health

David Ellsworth ’08 – Masters in Public Health, The Ohio State University

Molly Hawke ’06 – MD, The Ohio State University

Stephanie Morgan ’06 – Dentistry, Case Western Reserve University

Justin Nussbaum ’06 – PhD, University of Virginia

Jenny Vacha ’05 – MS in Speech Pathology, Vanderbilt University

Jeff Adams ’04 – Lab Technician, WIL Research Laboratories

Amber Smith ’04 – Physical Therapy program, Cleveland State University

Mindy Stechschulte ’01 – Physical Therapy program, The Ohio State University

Stephanie Runkle ’00 – PhD program in toxicology, University of Michigan

Julie Hill ’00 – Optometry School, The Ohio State University


Lynette Vana ’12

Pharmacy School, University of Cincinnati