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Lab alumnus entering dental school at Case Western Reserve University

Long-time lab member Zack Haley recently graduated from Ashland University and will be entering the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine this Fall. Zack started working in our lab during his sophomore year and took the lead on our current project characterizing how mammals and zebrafish regulate the expression of alpha crystallins, […]

Lab member heading to Michigan State for summer internship in plant genomics

One of my undergraduate research students, Josh Allman, was recently accepted into a summer research program at Michigan State University in plant genomics funded by the National Science Foundation. Josh is doing his independent research in my lab on the regulation of alpha crystallin expression in zebrafish. Last summer he worked with me to genotype […]

A new cryostat added to the lab

Over the last three years my lab has been using the zebrafish as a model for studying the effects of a diverse group of lens proteins called crystallins on lens development. You can read more about the evolution of these lens proteins in a previous post. We just added a new tool to the lab […]

The lab heads to ARVO 2010

My lab topped off a great academic year with a trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the ARVO vision research meeting. This was actually my first time bringing undergraduate students to this meeting. Jackie Skiba and Amy Drossman did a fantastic job presenting their research on thermal adaptation in fish lens alpha crystallins. I heard […]

AU faculty attend a workshop on undergraduate research

AU was accepted to a National Science Foundation funded conference at Hope College in Michigan on institutionalizing undergraduate research . This was a great weekend organized by the Council on Undergraduate Research to help institutions build on their current undergraduate research programs by linking us up with facilitators with highly successful existing programs. […]