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Two years of using the online discussion board Piazza

A couple of years ago I stumbled across the free online discussion board Piazza. I had just starting relying more heavily on my University’s learning management system, Angel, but was not happy at all with its built in discussion board. I forget exactly how I found Piazza, but the features and look intrigued me and […]

Live tweeting a class field trip to the Outer Banks

Kayaking out of Manteo harbor with the Queen Elizabeth II in the background

This Thursday morning my marine biology class at Ashland University will be piling into two vans and trekking for 13 hours to the Oregon Inlet Campground on the outer banks of North Carolina for three days in the field. This is […]

More experiments in course blogging

You would think that no new posts in four months would mean that blogging was far from my mind. But oh how wrong you would be. I have written before about the blogs I started for my marine bio course and senior capstone course on science communication. The marine blog in particular was […]

Hacking my A&P course for Fall

I have become an avid reader of the ProfHacker blog on the Chronicle website and recently came across some compendium posts loaded with advice for teachers dusting off those syllabi and planning for the start of the Fall semester. Actually, if you read ProfHacker regularly you would know that the best time to revise your […]

Using a blog and wiki in my Marine Biology course

Over the past couple of years I have played around with using blogs and wiki pages in my courses. This past semester I incorporated both into my Marine Biology course and feel good about the results. My reasons for using each type of web technology differed, so I will hit them separately:

The course blog


Young science bloggers need community

Bora at A Blog Around the Clock initiated a great discussion on young science bloggers and why they do not always stick with their blogs. Bora was kind enough to talk about my senior capstone course at Ashland University in which my students start team science blogs to hone their science communication skills. Only one […]

Blogging in the college classroom.

I’ve been reading a number of reports from the recent ScienceOnline 09 science blogging conference in Raleigh, NC. The Southern Fried Scientist and Anne-Marie from pondering pikaia have some nice write-ups from the sessions they attended. What caught my attention most was a session titled Teaching College Science: Blogs and Beyond. I am […]

Great student science videos

The Southern Fried Scientist is having his Marine Invertebrate Zoology students produce 2 minute videos on scientific journal articles. They are really fantastic, especially one on the effects of reduced predation risk on mollusk evolution. What a great way to engage students in the literature and get them thinking about how to communicate […]

DIY coursecasting

With many of us going back to teaching in the next week or so I wanted to post about an application I have been using for the past three years to podcast some of my courses. Coursecasting, as this type of podcasting is called, is a great way to provide lecture material to […]

Lizards walk on water too

Dr. Tonia Hsieh from the University of Florida made a video appearance in my vertebrate biology course to discuss her 2004 paper on the biomechanics of running on water. Dr. Hsieh’s research attempts to understand how animals move by integrating engineering and physics with biology. She also considers the evolutionary history of […]