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Look what washed up on the beach

The storms last week along the Outer Banks of the North Carolina Coast brought flooding in Kitty Hawk and again washed out route 12 through Pea Island. But the rough surf also brought some interesting marine animals onto the beach. Sunny, warm weather on Friday provided a good chance to check them out. In the […]

Lab’s new paper challenges hypothesis on mechanism behind Phragmites invasiveness

Phragmites stand in Duck, NC

Our lab had the opportunity to contribute to a new paper in the Journal of Chemical Ecology that shows the release of toxic gallic acid by the common reed Phragmites australis is not the key to its successful invasion of freshwater and brackish habitats in North America. A series […]

Mole crab molts litter the beaches

What a difference a month makes. Back in April I brought my marine biology class to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for our end of semester field trip. We saw lots of surf clam shells on the beach then, and some arks, but not a lot of other diversity in shells. And the month […]

A successful field trip to the Outer Banks

I recently returned from my latest class field trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I am fortunate to teach an upper level marine bio course at Ashland University in Ohio. Yes, Ohio. My students can see live marine specimens in our saltwater aquarium, and lots of collected organisms from the Atlantic and Pacific […]

We made it to the beach

It took us almost 15 hours in our two vans to get from Ashland, Ohio to Oregon Inlet, but we had some great BBQ (Currituck BBQ) on the way and a quick stop at walmart for the camping gear we left behind. But we are here, tents are up, my students had their first trip […]

Marine Biology in the Outer Banks

End of the semester teaching and a slew of chair duties have kept me away from the blog for a few weeks. But it is now 4:18 am and I am off with a colleague and 10 students for my semi-annual field trip to Oregon Inlet, North Carolina in the Outer Banks for my Marine […]

Trying out the new Flip video on breakers at the beach

I recently purchased two Flip video cameras for my Senior Capstone biology majors to use when shooting 60 second science videos later this semester. During this past week of spring break I took it on myself to give one a shakedown cruise to see if the built in editing software would do the trick for […]

Collapsed bay fishery loses historic culture

Chesapeake Bay watermen

Pollution, nutrient runoff and overfishing have destroyed the crab and oyster harvest of the Chesapeake Bay. Excessive algal growth from the overabundant nutrients produces low oxygen “dead zones” and prevents sunlight from reaching sea grasses on the bottom. But another casualty has been the local watermen culture. […]

Virginia to buy back crabbing licenses

Crabbing in Virginia

When the Chesapeake Bay crab fishery was declared a federal disaster the Comonwealth of Virginia was promised $10 million in disaster aid. Virginia has decided to use some of that money to purchase back crab licenses to ease the financial burden on local watermen. The state had […]