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How to give a mouse a heart attack

Actually not easy to do. Those little guys do not normally have elevated cholesterol levels and their arteries stay unclogged. But with a little genetic engineering you can knockout the gene for the protein apolipoprotein E, which plays a role in clearing bad cholesterol – LDL – from the blood. The result is high levels […]

Lizards walk on water too

Dr. Tonia Hsieh from the University of Florida made a video appearance in my vertebrate biology course to discuss her 2004 paper on the biomechanics of running on water. Dr. Hsieh’s research attempts to understand how animals move by integrating engineering and physics with biology. She also considers the evolutionary history of […]

Ashland A&P students learn about skin development

Dr. Radhika Atit from the Case Western Reserve University Biology Department visited my Anatomy and Physiology class to talk about her research on skin development. We also had students attend from other classes, and of course some faculty dropped in. Students were challenged and excited by the many molecular techniques used in Dr. […]