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Sociology accepts genetics

The long history of sociologists ignoring the role of genetics in human behavior is being challenged. The Chronicle asks:

If sociologists ignore genes, will other academics — and the wider world — ignore sociology?

Some in the discipline are telling their peers just that. With study after study finding that all sorts of personal characteristics […]

Holiday debauchery ain’t so bad

If the holidays and New Years has left you feeling that you took some years off your life, you’ll feel better reading this.

And if last night’s party got a bit out of hand and today you can’t smell the difference between lemons and vanilla, this may help you find out […]

Meteorologists vs. climatologists

There is little doubt among climatologists that the world is getting warmer and that human activity is the primary cause. The World’s governments have accepted this concept, although at the just ended UN conference in Poland they have not reached much agreement on how to slow these climatic changes. But it seems word has not […]

Mongolian fossil poachers take Cleveland dinosaur

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has an interesting article on a specimen of Tarbosaurus bataar that was to be exhumed in Mongolia last year by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s Michael Ryan, curator of vertebrate paleontology. Tarbosaurus may be the sister genus to Tyrannosaurus, and some argue that they belong in the same genus. When […]