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Lab alumnus entering dental school at Case Western Reserve University

Long-time lab member Zack Haley recently graduated from Ashland University and will be entering the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine this Fall. Zack started working in our lab during his sophomore year and took the lead on our current project characterizing how mammals and zebrafish regulate the expression of alpha crystallins, […]

Lab member heading to Michigan State for summer internship in plant genomics

One of my undergraduate research students, Josh Allman, was recently accepted into a summer research program at Michigan State University in plant genomics funded by the National Science Foundation. Josh is doing his independent research in my lab on the regulation of alpha crystallin expression in zebrafish. Last summer he worked with me to genotype […]

Lab’s new paper challenges hypothesis on mechanism behind Phragmites invasiveness

Phragmites stand in Duck, NC

Our lab had the opportunity to contribute to a new paper in the Journal of Chemical Ecology that shows the release of toxic gallic acid by the common reed Phragmites australis is not the key to its successful invasion of freshwater and brackish habitats in North America. A series […]

Lab paper gets coverage in JEB

A recent issue of the Journal of Experimental Biology included a summary of our PLoS One paper on thermal adaptation in the small heat shock protein alpha A crystallin. Our study identified single amino acids that affect alpha A crystallin’s ability to protect other proteins from stress by comparing the structure and function of this […]

Lab alumna starts practicing veterinary medicine

Congratulations to former lab member Carrie LaCava who recently graduated from The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine and will begin practicing in southern Illinois. Carrie will be working in a practice with five other doctors conducting appointments and surgeries with both large and small animals, including farm visits.

While an undergraduate at Ashland University […]

Our lab’s newest paper published in PLoS One

I’m excited to announce that our latest paper has been published in PLoS One. OK, this news is a little old since the paper came out March 29th, but with the end of the academic year, a trip to the ARVO eye meetings in Florida and the start of summer research with three undergraduate students […]

Lab member presents at undergraduate research symposium

Zach Haley, a junior biology major working in my lab on the regulation of alpha crystallin expression, gave his first research poster presentation on Tuesday at Ashland University’s Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Symposium. This event gives students from all disciplines in the College of Arts and Sciences the opportunity to present their independent work […]

Meet the new lab

I thought it would be appropriate to break my long hiatus from this blog with an introduction of our latest lab members. Last time I posted we were seeing off three lab alumni to a job, graduate and professional schools. But the lab is full again.

From left to right in the photo (with […]

Lab graduates move on

Former lab members Jackie Skiba, Phillip Wages and Amy Drossman at a 2009 vision conference in Columbus, Ohio

Three students that made significant contributions to the lab have graduated in the past two years and are starting exciting careers. Jackie Skiba graduated from Ashland University in 201o not certain on what direction she wanted […]

Lab member wins national Pfizer travel award

Phillip Wages, an undergraduate research student in my lab, was recently awarded one of only five national awards from Pfizer to present his research at this year’s annual Society of Toxicology meeting in Washington D.C.. Phillip went to the SOT meeting last year as part of a competitive undergraduate program, but this year Pfizer will […]