I am a Professor and Chair of Biology at Ashland University where I teach anatomy and physiology, evolution, marine and vertebrate biology. My NIH-funded laboratory research into the evolution and function of vertebrate eye lens proteins is done with undergraduate students. I am also interested in teaching technology, science communication and the use of social media.

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Lab member heading to Michigan State for summer internship in plant genomics

AllmanOne of my undergraduate research students, Josh Allman, was recently accepted into a summer research program at Michigan State University in plant genomics funded by the National Science Foundation.  Josh is doing his independent research in my lab on the regulation of alpha crystallin expression in zebrafish.  Last summer he worked with me to genotype populations of the grass Phragmites to distinguish between native and invasive population.  This work was part of a recent publication in the Journal of Chemical Ecology.  

Josh will be returning to AU for his senior year with plans to enter graduate school in molecular biology or bioengineering.




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