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Zebrafish used to visualize blood stem cell generation

Understanding how blood cells are formed is not only important for developing treatments against numerous diseases, but also teaches us more about the fascinating process of turning stem cells into their specialized descendants. Recent work suggests that the initial stem cell that produces all of our blood’s formed elements (cells) comes in two flavors. But […]

Trying out the new Flip video on breakers at the beach

I recently purchased two Flip video cameras for my Senior Capstone biology majors to use when shooting 60 second science videos later this semester. During this past week of spring break I took it on myself to give one a shakedown cruise to see if the built in editing software would do the trick for […]

Blood stem cells come in different types

I love showing students new research that will ultimately lead to a revision in their textbooks. Hey, something has got to make purchasing a new edition every two to three years seem worthwhile. And it is even more fun when these research headlines come out as we are covering that very topic in class. A […]

Best student comment ever

It speaks for itself:

Thanks to a colleague for tacking this up in their office.

Science on Twitter

I signed up for my Twitter account about two years ago, and then realized that I didn’t really want to let the world know what TV show I was watching, or what my daughter was having for breakfast. I didn’t see the use until noticing that I could follow news stories in real time, keep […]