I am a Professor and Chair of Biology at Ashland University where I teach anatomy and physiology, evolution, marine and vertebrate biology. My NIH-funded laboratory research into the evolution and function of vertebrate eye lens proteins is done with undergraduate students. I am also interested in teaching technology, science communication and the use of social media.

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Science blogging in the classroom, an update

As I approach the one year anniversary of my last blog post this seemed like an opportune time to break my blogjam (shoot, already in Urban Dictionary).  Ironically this past year has been filled with blogging.  I currently post actively to four blogs, and as I wrote about a year ago, I have started using blogs as teaching tools in my courses.  I am now teaching my Department’s senior capstone course for the second time with a focus on science communication, and have students starting and contributing to their own science blogs.  Students in my current Marine Biology and Anatomy and Physiology courses are also blogging, and I started a Science News Blog to promote our science programs at Ashland University.  Now you can see why I have been neglecting A Fish Eye View.

I plan to post more about this experiment in using blogging as a platform to teach science communication skills to students.  But for now I would like to thank Bora at A Blog Around the Clock for mentioning the work that my students are doing.  He points out the excellent writing on these student blogs, but asks the question why they do not stick to blogging after leaving the course and graduating from college.  This is true of last year’s class, with one exception.  I have some thoughts on this that I will share in future posts.  I can also ask the students themselves in our next meeting.

I invite you to see what our students are writing.  And feel free to leave them an encouraging comment.

Science Blogging at Ashland University

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  • Thank you. I am looking forward to reading about your experiences, and your thoughts about the blogging experiment. There are already several interesting and useful comments on my post, including by one of your former students, that bring more light to the topic.

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