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A new look for A Fish Eye View

I thought it was time liven up this space a bit.

But the changes are more than skin deep. I have added a list in the right sidebar of my favorite posts spanning some of the different topics that I write about. And lower down in the right sidebar I have a section for Ashland […]

Does good climate reporting make a difference?

This week in my undergrad science communication course my students discussed whether it was possible to change an anti-science, denialist perspective with good communication techniques. There was a mix of perspectives, but one view was that people will believe what they want, and will disregard scientific evidence to the contrary.

I thought about this conversation […]

Young science bloggers need community

Bora at A Blog Around the Clock initiated a great discussion on young science bloggers and why they do not always stick with their blogs. Bora was kind enough to talk about my senior capstone course at Ashland University in which my students start team science blogs to hone their science communication skills. Only one […]

Science blogging in the classroom, an update

As I approach the one year anniversary of my last blog post this seemed like an opportune time to break my blogjam (shoot, already in Urban Dictionary). Ironically this past year has been filled with blogging. I currently post actively to four blogs, and as I wrote about a year ago, I have started using […]