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Fish eyes do the coolest things

Ed Yong over at Not Exactly Rocket Science beat me to the punch on this one. You should check out his summary of a new paper by a group of excellent fish eye people on the spookfish, Dolichopteryx longipes. Like many mesopelagic fishes that live in these low light conditions, the spookfish has […]

Collapsed bay fishery loses historic culture

Chesapeake Bay watermen

Pollution, nutrient runoff and overfishing have destroyed the crab and oyster harvest of the Chesapeake Bay. Excessive algal growth from the overabundant nutrients produces low oxygen “dead zones” and prevents sunlight from reaching sea grasses on the bottom. But another casualty has been the local watermen culture. […]

Virginia to buy back crabbing licenses

Crabbing in Virginia

When the Chesapeake Bay crab fishery was declared a federal disaster the Comonwealth of Virginia was promised $10 million in disaster aid. Virginia has decided to use some of that money to purchase back crab licenses to ease the financial burden on local watermen. The state had […]

Seeing with the ancient brain

We form our conscious sense of vision using the occipital lobe of our cerebrum, the uppermost portion of the brain that has increased in size during mammalian (and independently in bird) evolution. Other vertebrates rely more heavily on other regions of the brain, especially the midbrain, to process sight. We still use […]

Meteorologists vs. climatologists

There is little doubt among climatologists that the world is getting warmer and that human activity is the primary cause. The World’s governments have accepted this concept, although at the just ended UN conference in Poland they have not reached much agreement on how to slow these climatic changes. But it seems word has not […]

They don’t make shark cages like they used to

The classic white shark strike from below is chilling to watch. What’s interesting is how the shark seems to accidentally crash into the cage, probably with its eyes rolled back after taking the bait. At that point it’s just trying to get away, leaving the divers to safely get out of the water. No […]

Mongolian fossil poachers take Cleveland dinosaur

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has an interesting article on a specimen of Tarbosaurus bataar that was to be exhumed in Mongolia last year by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s Michael Ryan, curator of vertebrate paleontology. Tarbosaurus may be the sister genus to Tyrannosaurus, and some argue that they belong in the same genus. When […]